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Language Resources

You can quickly and easily learn new languages with Transparent Language Online.  Features include:

  •  100+ Languages : From Afrikaans to Zulu

  • Extensive English Collection: With English materials for speakers of over 25 languages, an intermediate-level immersion course

  • Alphabet Lessons: If you want to learn to read and write, you need to first know the alphabet 

  • Flexible Learning Path: We give you a starting point, but you choose what you’d like to learn

  • Speaking Practice:  EveryVoice™ technology speech-enables classic learning activities like Multiple Choice and Pronunciation Practice, allowing you to compare your pronunciation to that of a native speaker

  • Typing Activities: Beginners start with Easy Typing to input foreign characters. Intermediate learners can advance to type with the included fully-mapped native keyboard

  • Got Grammar?: An extensive collection of videos and written explanations covers hundreds of grammar topics

  • Enhanced Compatibility: Works on virtually any Internet-connected device or computer

  • Other Great Resources: Language and culture blogs, Word of the Day, and interactive social communities help you expand upon the basic learning material by connecting you with others

The North Haven Memorial Library has many World Language instructional resources available for checkout including books, instructional CDs, instructional DVDs.  

You can stop the library and browse the non-fiction 400 section or ask a Librarian for help locating items in the language you want to learn.  The Library has items available in both the adult and the children's department.

JobNow offers ESL Training at every level: (Not just for job searchers!!)

  • Beginning ESL

    • Reading​

    • Writing

    • Common ESL Grammar Issues

  • Intermediate ESL

    • Reading​

    • Wrtiting

    • Common ESL Grammar Issues

  • Advanced ESL

    • Academic Reading​

    • Academic Writing

    • Common ESL Grammar Issues

  • College Readiness References

    • College Application Information​

    • Essential Grammar Guide

    • Style Guides


    • About the TOEFL​

    • TOEFL Reading

    • TOEFL Listening

    • TOEFL Writing

    • TOEFL Speaking

To Access this exam prep, follow these steps:
  1. Click here to go to JobNow's SkillSurfer Page

    1. You will be prompted to log in with your library card number​

  2. Click on Career Prep and Job Resources​

  3. Click on the test you want to prepare for

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