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1,000 Books
Before Kindergarten

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1000 Books! (1170 x 900 px) (1170 x 300 px) (1).png

*Be sure to begin tracking your
reading as soon as you sign up.
We will have prizes available for pick
up in Spring 2022 (exact date TBD).

1,000 Books
Before Kindergarten

Student Online Resources

Student online resources are databases and magazines provided by the North Haven Memorial Library and the State of Connecticut.


This page breaks down resources by grade level for preschool/elementary school students, middle school students and high school students for easy use. Click here to visit our Student Resources Page.


In order to help make resources easier to find, the Children’s Department has a dedicated parent shelf full of helpful books for parents, teachers and caregivers. This shelf has books both for adults to read and for adults to read to children on topics ranging from potty training to family changes. Resources include understanding and managing care for children with special needs.

We also provide links to useful parenting websites that include local daycare listing and doctor finder tool. Click here to visit our Parent Resource Page.


Our Teacher Resources are assigned reading level indicators (Lexiles) to provide educators with an estimate of the result’s reading difficulty and the approximate grade-level reading ability required for comprehension.

Most resources include lesson plans, scavenger hunts, curriculum standards and STEM instruction for the Common Core. Click here to visit our Teacher Resource Page.

1000 Books! (1170 x 900 px) (1170 x 300
1000 Books before Kindergarten

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten is a self- paced program for adults with little ones who have not yet entered Kindergarten.


We encourage parents and caregivers to reach the goal of 1,000 books read to their child before they reach Kindergarten  in order to help develop early literacy skills. By doing  this, children develop both an early love of reading and  the skills necessary to begin reading.


The Children's Department offers a multitude of programs for children ages birth - 14 years old including pajama story time, craftapalooza, parachute playtime, Sixty-Second Showdown, animal shows, spectacular science, concerts, ballet and music classes, therapy dog time, scavenger hunts, lego club and so many more.  To see a full list of current programs and to register, please view our Programs - Children Page 

Summer Reading Program

Summer is the perfect time to read for the fun of it, and the North Haven Memorial Library's Summer Reading Program is the perfect way to do it. The Summer Reading Program motivates and rewards young readers while also offering fun and educational programming!

By reading and keeping a log and participating in Library events, children can earn prizes and have fun! 

Be sure to check out our summer reading page as the summer approaches.

Homeschooler's Corner

​​The Homeschoolers’ Book Club is a fun way to let your homeschooled children meet once a month at the library to talk about a book the library provides (should be read in advance).  The program is light and informal but full of animated discussions and discoveries.  


Children from all over CT participate and have made new friends in this unique Club.  Games and a book-related craft round out this monthly field trip to the library. Children at a higher reading level than the chosen book will be offered a more challenging book on the same topic to read.

You can check out our cake pans and cookie cutters!  Don't spend money on buying a specialty cake pan when you can borrow it for free! Featured in New York Times and on PBS, our cake pan collection is comprised of more than 300 cake pans!  We also have about 20 sets of cookie cutters. 

To view each cake pan and cookie cutter set and check availability, visit our Cake Pan page.

Have a cake pan to donate?  We take donations! Please stop by the Children's Department or call for more information.

Check out our Puppet Sets! We offer kits for children that include a fun story with a corresponding puppet. These sets are a great way to make a story more interactive and come alive!

We also offer Sensory Kits. Our kits include picture books and an activity for you and your little one to enjoy together. Learn percussion instruments and sound; match the time of a digital clock with an analog clock; juggle like a clown. 

Puppet sets, puzzles and sensory kits can  be borrowed for 4 weeks.

Sensory Storytime

Sensory Storytime is an interactive program designed specifically for children with special needs or with autism spectrum disorder.


Using movement, music, stories and sensory play, this storytime is designed to engage those sensitive to sensory overload and is ideal for children who have trouble sitting still.


Library staff and students from Quinnipiac University"s Occupational Therapy Department will provide a supportive environment for you, your child & family members.


Puzzles are a fun activity to play on a lazy afternoon! The Children's Library offers two types of children’s puzzle sets in a variety of sizes available for checkout.

  • For the preschool crowd we have small wooden puzzles with a story book

  • For older children we have jigsaw puzzles from 24 to 48 pieces

Minecraft Server

The Children's Department has a secure Minecraft server where library patrons can play. This safe server is monitored regularly by librarians and is only accessible to children with parent and library permission ensuring that children are playing in an environment free of cyber bullying with other children under the age of 17.

Stop by and use a guest pass to play at the library (free).