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Summer Reading - Teen

Summer Reading 2022


Registration and program begin Tuesday, July 5th.
Program runs through Saturday, August 6th.

Teens in grades 6-12
  • Residents of North Haven – You will need to provide child’s or parent’s library card in order to join.            
  • Children of Town of North Haven employees – You will need to provide your Town I.D. number to join.            
  • Grandchildren of North Haven residents – You will need to provide your grandparent’s library card to join.            
  • Non- Resident North Haven public school students – You will need to provide child’s or parent’s library card from your home library in order to join.

How to Participate:

  • Teens can register in-person or online, but they must pick up a BINGO sheet in the North Haven Library Adult Department to participate in the program. BINGO sheets will be available for pickup anytime from July 5th-August 6th.

The Rules are Simple:

​1. Register and pick up your BINGO sheet at the Information Desk (1st Floor).
2. Mark each box you complete on the sheet.
3. Each item (book, movie, album, etc.) can only be used to complete one box.
4. When you complete 5 squares (across, down, or diagonally), visit the Information Desk to receive a raffle ticket and play a game for a chance to win more. 
5. You can earn up to 12 tickets by completing your BINGO sheet, with a chance to earn more! Tickets can be put toward one of 5 gift card drawings.
The winner will be picked by August 13th. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I have to read for a certain amount of time?

Not this year! Our goal this year is to get you reading/watching/listening all the items the library has to offer. 

Do I have to read every day?

You do not have to read every day. Although, we think it is a great idea if you do!

Do I have to read books?

Yes! Unless the BINGO sheet says otherwise. We hope that you will familiarize yourself with our library's collection.

How often should I come to the library for Summer Reading?

We suggest visiting the library at least once a week and definitely every time you get BINGO on your sheet. Always bring it with you when you visit so we can keep track of the ones you've completed.

What happens if I lose my BINGO Sheet?

You will have to start over from the beginning. Always keep your sheet in a safe place!

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Special Thanks to Our Program Sponsor:

Students! Don't forget to complete your school's summer reading assignments.

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